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Daily Affirmations: Mind Strength

So here it is, your first affirmation from the authordailymemphis. Don’t you just love this? So you come to this blog, you read it and get affirmations to allow you to think different and have a good day and you remain motivated and positive throughout life. But anyways, the keywords here was affirmation and think. The affirmation I want to give you today is,”I am in control of my mind and everything else around me. Today take charge of the situation. Don’t let it take charge of you. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what’s going on and forget to find a solution.

I mean come on, nobody is perfect. We all know that our stress levels have been so high before that we forget to even think. Talk about nerve wrecking. But recently after a while, I’ve trained my cognitive to relax once my brain has gone fried. Well, not friend, but having so many thoughts that I cannot adjust to what is in front of me. Recently, I became a Certified Anger Management Specialist. Within this study in my field, Anger has been said to birth from a ton of stress. According to the Anger Management Institute “What’s Good About Anger,” it also has been established that this is at the forefront of a malfunction in your health and thinking strategies. Now, I am a very busy woman, so therefore I need all the room possible to think and be relaxed. So to add to this affirmation here are some great cognitive techniques that one can use for stress reduction.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Ok busy people pay close attention, I’m going to take your mind a roller coaster of relaxation that you have never been. Below is a list of three techniques I will advise you to use to keep track of your busy schedules, and busy day. And here they are, drum roll please…..(excessive drum rolling, lol.)

  • Cue words (allowing yourself cognitive to relax, anytime a negative situation comes into play or you feel overwhelmed remind yourself to calm down and everything will be ok. EX: “I got this, the day is almost over I get to relax let me just finish, relax.”)These are cue phases and cue words. They train your cognitive and it helps!
  • Taking a load off ( now a lot of us don’t realize what a snack and a nap can do for us when it comes to thinking, taking a load off resets your mind, then you can come back to your project later, don’t allow your mind to over bake if you know what I mean.)
  • And lastly, planning (ok this is very cognitive because you are giving your mind a road map, I work with children with intellectual disabilities and when they don’t know what’s going on they go haywire, that is exactly the same with us. An intellectual disability does not make you incapable or not smart, you just learn slower than most. We all operate the same and we need this, put yourself on a productive and original schedule and take control of your brain, it will eliminate all your mental crisis, helping you manage and live a successful and happy life.)

“To be or not to be a writer” -Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

So there you have it, you have your affirmation which is completely a mental note and reminder, as well as cognitive flexibility skills to embark on and take with you. So that’s it today readers. Take heed to your brains and take care of this for it is the most powerful part of our bodies. Signing off with much pleasure and



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