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“Ain’t No Party Like A Curtis Givens Party” Kenny Burns Set To Host 19th Annual All Black Affair Nov.28th following Brunch On Sunday’s

Turkey Weekend In Memphis Is Going To Be One To Remember

“Ain’t No Party Like A Curtis Givens Party”

The “pandemicprenuer” is at it again yet featuring “The Lifestyle Specialist” Kenny Burns. This turkey weekend is going to be one to remember in Memphis, as the cautious yet lively In Love Memphis opens it doors to Memphians and tourist for the 19th Annual All Black Affair. If you pay attention to what “annual” actually means, it is defined as yearly. That’s correct, the Givens brothers have been in the game 19 years and the quote “ain’t no party like a Curtis Givens party,” proves it. Tables are already sold out. What a way to set the place out, as America just seen it’s first black female president enter the White House, so the party must go on. With this being said, In Love Memphis saw its first night of all tables being sold out to WOMEN, as Curtis posted on his social media that the men, “must set up,” for the ladies, are at LoVe ready to party, and they are not letting up.
From recent blogs of this establishment we have came to the conclusion that In LoVe is not just any ordinary Lounge in Memphis. It is a place where individuals go to celebrate achievements, black excellence and feel comfortable to actually let their hair down to enjoy all genres of music. We can’t help to mention the countless number of celebrities that have come to enjoy themselves at the establishment, including Money Bagg Yo and Ari The Don last weekend, and with all acknowledgement, they packed the place out. Yet who will the “pandemicprenuers” bring out next, that is Kenny Burns of course, and he is coming extra swagged out, with his V103 radio personality and voice.

Meet The Dopest Host, Kenny Burns “The Lifestyle Specialist”

“20 Plus Years In The Game”

Kenny Burns is an entrepreneur who has worked in the entertainment, fashion, music, radio, spirits, television and marketing industries. Conversations with Evonne is platform that presents the growth that black entrepreneurs put forth, and who is better to host the 19th Annual All Black Affair than this individual. He has worked with top artists including Mariah Carey, Monica, Jay-Z as well has his first music concept Dream. The detail in his career is amazing, after recognizing top stars like Akon and Wale. Burns has been exclusively all through the music industry on a business entrepreneurship level, becoming the Vice President of Rock-A-Fella while also investing into his own spirits business. His record of works is over whelming to read as he continued his career working close hand with P-Diddy including multiple areas on Mr.Sean Combs himself entertainment file with projects like, Bad Boy, REVOLT TV, DeLeón Tequila and CÎROC Vodka, Aquahydrate. The boss was not done yet as he also team up with Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, now on America’s headlines as the best whiskey there is to know. Wow…everything this man touch turns gold, and believe it or not he will be at In LoVe Memphis, turning the city of entrepreneurs into a place of black excellence . For more information on Mr. Gold Hands Burns visit

“Where We Finna Eat At?” Brunch On Sunday’s

We party, we socialize, we drink and now ITS TIME TO EAT! Other then the massive menu LoVe Lounge has we cannot help but present to you the most delightful and diligent brunch menu that’s in Memphis right now. Of course hosted by yours truly Curtis Givens, Brunch Sunday’s is going down EVERY SUNDAY at Big Bills. The food is amazing as selections like Smoke salmon, Fried chicken, Catfish, French toast, Biscuit and Gravy, Omelette, Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast potato, Asparagus, Potato casserole and more take place! (I promise guys that’s not the whole menu you will have to come witness this greatness and southern hospitality yourself.)

Sunday Brunch at Big Bills is every Sunday from 11 am- 3p.m. For reservations call (901) 450-8833. Hurry because spots definitely fill up to have some of the tasty southern cuisine dapping right to your tummy. BUT wait, where are you going so fast, you have forgotten about the party, after the after party, after the after party, and that is of course A CURTIS GIVENS PARTY. Listen, I promise you, if you are in Memphis for your birthday weekend you have to experience a Curtis Givens weekend which is about every weekend. The pandemicprenuer has justified that he is taking over the weekends here in Memphis, Memphis night life has just gotten better and more hospitable as LoVe night lounge is completely FREE to all customers on Sundays, opening from 4pm-12 a.m respectfully.

In LoVe Memphis Lounge Is Located At 7144 Winchester Road Ready To Serve You With It’s Amazing Bottle Girls

Well! We told you where the party is, we showed you where the black excellence and entrepreneurial conversations will be, we exhibitEd to you how the Curtis Givens Party Experience may feel and now it’s time for you to be there. Visit for more details on “The Curtis Givens,” experience or follow the Entrepreneurial Guru himself on all social media platforms @curtis_givens or follow In LoVe Memphis on Facebook and Instagram @inlovememphis for more information! You came, you saw, you shopped, you listened, you read and now it’s time to celebrate. Thanks for tuning into Conversations with Evonne and have an awesome weekend! Can’t wait to see you at the extravaganza!

Sincerely, @kahestevens

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NBA Stars, Celebrity Arrivals and Halloween Scenes In Love Memphis Accepts The Challenge Of Keeping Memphis Entertainment Upscaled

In Love Memphis is the place to be Saturday, October 31st for the dopest Halloween party in Memphis.


The COVID pandemic has taken a huge toll on the lives of practically everyone on the planet. Recently, the exciting day to day activities we were use to, vanished before our eyes as businesses around the world closed to keep COVID out. There was confusion, a lost of millions of dollars, foreclosed businesses and bankruptcies filed, yet within all of this for an entrepreneur to come out on top, they had to have one skill that must be implemented throughout the process of “rebuilding.” Some say falling short throughout your life creates fear in the young entrepreneur who wants to make it big time, while others learn from those incidents. In a time like the COVID pandemic, one must show resilience, yet you could only gain that skill if you have been through as much as Memphis entertainment guru Curtis Givens.
From reading the recent articles about Givens from Conversations with Evonne, we took you on a tour of his life within entrepreneurship. The Givens brothers had no shame in expressing the ups and downs they encountered as black business owners, yet from reading it all it has been clear that those moments developed them for a time such as this, and coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic this is why the brothers are still on top. Let’s look into the skill of real entrepreneurship and entertainment, and see how In Love Memphis made it work by keeping their Lounge open in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic as well as following the strict rules of the CDC in order to stay open. My suggestion is, don’t try this at home.

All White Day Party with Memphis NBA Rookie of the Year

Did you say day party? We sure did. Saturday, September 5th In Love Memphis hosted an official NBA Day Party with NBA Rookie Of The Year, JA Morant. Yet how did the establishment still keep the night time vibes and bottle popping within the rules and regulations set for bars as well as lounges in Memphis, well, they started the party during the day. As an entrepreneur sometimes you have to play by the rules, and this is what In Love did. People from all over still came in their all white, with matching face mask to celebrate with the NBA rookie standing 6 foot 3 inches tall, 172 pounds as well as averaging 17.8 points a game at only 21 years of age, going strong for the Memphis Grizzlies. Within every lounge in Memphis, the young star chose In Love, to celebrate his accomplishments regardless of the strict rules as well as regulations set fourth. The fun lasted quite some time, yet to keep everything professional the lounge closed at exactly 10 o’clock p.m, following all directions given to keep the center of entertainment in Memphis open. Lights were turned out, the djay was shut down and people had to leave, yet Curtis reminded individuals on his social media platforms of the rules, that he loved his supporters and that it is all business and never personal. No matter what rules came fourth, that did not stop celebrities, memphians and sports fanatics flowing through the lounge. This party had just begun.

Brooklyn Nets Choose In Love Memphis To Host Day Party

Chris Chiozza and Jeremiah Martin realized that “following rules weren’t so bad after all.” The two contact Curtis Givens to have some “clean fun,” while they were in town. 7144 Winchester Road opened its doors to many socialites as well as young business men and women to kick back and relax in a great atmosphere on a Satur-DAY. YES, the lounge hosted another day party, yet this time individuals were quite use to the rules of leaving at 10 p.m. The Lounge was filled with just enough people to enjoy a quality meet and greet of the NBA Stars and many others around Memphis. Mask were on as people came and ate, socialize as well as had a couple drinks to finally enjoy the moments of “being out the house.” Yet why did everyone choose In Love Memphis, other than all the other lounges in Memphis, well that is because the networking the owners have established outside of the lounge, as well as like the said before, “treating all individuals with love,” and building off of it. The love of people and their establishment is what saved their business.

So What’s Next…..

The Curtis Givens Halloween Horror Story Party

A scary movie is next of course. If you think the lounge has stopped introducing you to new entertainment then we must think again. Especially since the Covid-19 restrictions have been somewhat lifted in Memphis, all lounges are now allowed to close at 12 a.m. This increases the lively hood as well as creativity of In Love Memphis, which is just in time for Halloween. That’s right folks In Love Memphis will be opening it’s doors for a spooky sight Saturday, October 31st for one of the DOPEST, Halloween costume parties in Memphis.

What To Expect

The Curtis Givens Halloween Horror Story Party is going to be a sight to see. Doors open at 6 p.m with no cover charge for women until 9 p.m. costumes are recommended, booths will be open and bottles will be going all night long! Because there is no party, like a Curtis Givens Party. For table and booth reservations contact (901) 417-8042 or (901) 485-1119. Mask ARE required.

What’s Next?

Just when we thought the fun stops here, Saturday’s at In Love Memphis is about to get a little “spicy.” Ari The Don, girlfriend of Money Bagg Yo, Memphis rapper will be making a celebrity appearance at In Love Memphis. Come to the oasis of Memphis entertainment Saturday, November 7th to have a great time, while enjoying the celebrity like atmosphere. Tables are up for reservation and bottles will be going all night long. As stated before for table and booth reservations contact (901) 417-8042 or (901) 485-1119. Mask ARE required. For more information follow @inlovememphis on Instagram as well as @curtisgivens because there is no part like a Curtis Givens party!

Blog and detailed writing by @conversationswirhevonne thank you for reading

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Curtis Givens Teams Up With Eat Big Bill’s Bar-Be-Que To Increase The Livelihood Of Food & Entertainment In Memphis

The modern and clean look of Eat Big Bills located in East Memphis.”

The summer is starting to open up as businesses start to flourish after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants and entertainment facilities closed around the world, while Americans struggled to keep themselves occupied during the shut in moments. The vibe of the world went down, while accommodations for businesses had to be blue printed, and people as well had to change the routines of their everyday lives. Yet out of all the catastrophes and all the disappointing moments we have faced during this tragic time, there’s one thing that did not change, the soul and entertainment in Memphis, that was indeed through food, by businesses man and entertainment wizard Curtis Givens.

Sponsored by The Chiro Place, Curtis Givens and Memphis frontliners enjoyed delicious barbecue for lunch on a beautiful summer day. Eat Big Bills and other physicians supported those working hard on the frontlines.

Eat Big Bill’s , A Modern Vibe

From talking to Givens, he expressed the importance of reaching all crowds when it comes to entertainment , especially in the food world, “you know, everybody got to eat,” said Givens. This was his reasoning of collaborating with Big Bill and turning the organization to a modern barbque resturant. We sat at the clean bar, which was throughly sanitized per customer, every other minute and through operation hours. The facility kept cleanness a priority while in the midst of COVID-19, keeping it safe for the people. Not to mention, the new spot opened within the madness, but Curtis praised God abundantly throughout the time of opening during the chaos. “It’s a blessing to open and be able to present good food to people even in the midst of this tragedy,” he said, “God really has anyone who is still opening during this time in the palm of his hands.” Curtis explained how seeing people smile when they ate the fresh off the grill entrees was such an enjoyment, not only that, yet watching them express much gratitude and say positive comments about the scenery. What’s even more interesting, his wife created the map of the interior for Eat Big Bills from her decorative eye. “My wife actually designed this whole area, the tables and everything,” he expressed. The fairly new location is located in the heart of East Memphis, making a sharp left as soon as one exit the expressway, towards Kirby Road, eating here will not leave you dissatisfied.

Eat Big Bills is located at 2857 Kirby Rd Ste. 119
Memphis, TN 38119
Tel. 901-529-7798

Monday – Thursday
10:30 AM – 9 PM

Friday – Saturday
10:30 AM – 10 PM

Big Bill’s also have a full bar operating each open day of the week!

“Another view of the dinning area at 2857 Kirby Road Ste. 19

Not too much about the decor, or the music that plays 90s R&B, we must get into what all of Memphis has been waiting devour on a week to week basis, the food. I had the privileges of trying some of the food, and I could say the flavor from the fresh grilled salmon had my taste buds at attention. There is a menu that one must go by, but this blog in fact will express the crowd favorites, surely you would be willing to try them. “Oh, the millennials they loooove the smoked salmon sandwich,” said Curtis, “they cannot get enough of it.” From taking my first bite into the entree, I believed every word that was said. The food was fresh and like Curtis expressed, he and Big Bill are deep within the quality of what is being served.

Meals To Snatch This Summer

Ok let’s talk food, from the statistics it has been proven that these entrees are not ordinary meals, so we have gathered a few entrees form Big Bills for you to snatch this summer. Enjoy.

“Regular Pulled Pork Sandwich”

This sandwich is indeed a winner, ranking in one of the first on the menu, the pulled meat is made fresh off the grill with savory seasonings, toasted buns, smoky barbecue sauce, and delicious top chef cole slaw. Not to mention the golden fries and added on beverage to top this meal off.

“Barbecue Nachos

Next in line is the signature barbecue nachos, you can order this delicious snack in beef, pork or turkey. The nachos are topped off with hot cheese, and of course Big Bill’s signature barbecue sauce, with large jalapeños to keep your taste buds running and give your mouth that spicy feel.

“Barbecue Ribs”

Mmmmm, you never thought we could leave these out, ribs! Yes they are indeed a favorite. Smoked to the customers liking and dipped in savory barbecue sauce these ribs will have you coming back for more. Try a side of baked beans, cole slaw or potato salad to top it off!

“Smoke Salmon Sandwich”

What better way to spend your summer than with one of these delicious surprises. The hot off the grill salmon sandwich is indeed a crowd favorite. This bad baby is light in calories yet, if you feel like having a simple cheat day add some golden french fries for your side. The delicious entree comes with top of the line cole slaw as well as delicious barbecue sauce to enhance the flavor. A great summer meal for a beautiful summer day!

“Yet not too fast, we have something else.”

“Big Bills has a full open bar serving fresh cocktails and now with happy hour Monday- Friday from 4-7 p.m”

Before leaving make sure you grab one of the delicious cocktails from the bar. The drinks give you summer vibes, while bartenders greet you with a welcoming smile and serve you pleasurable drinks that keep you interested in what’s next for you future visit!

And there you have it folks. Another interesting and exciting place to visit while you are here in Memphis. It’s going to be a hot barbecue summer and you do not want to miss this. Visit Eat Big Bill’s at one of the franchised locations to enjoy a delicious meal or one of the crow favorites. You can follow Big Bill’s on all social media plat forms, and for more information visit I am Kahdejah Evonne and thank you for tuning in to my blog @conversationswithevonne, see you this summer in the world of barbecue. Be blessed.

Be sure to check out Big Bill’s Barbecue at each of its Memphis locations a perfect mood for this summer.

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Drug Addict To Pastor Now Movie Star 56 Year Old Michael Campbell Stars In New Movie “Jed Girls”

“Success has no age, yet wisdom last forever”

From being an inspiration to his children, peers and now the Memphis community, Pastor Michael Campbell is one of the success stories that many Memphians, need to hear, and or read about. His story is magical and shows how the hands of God, as well as the blood of Jesus Christ can stretch from the father himself, down to many generations, all because of his obedience. Michael Campbell is a father, an entrepreneur, an actor and more importantly a man of God.

“Gods Grace Has No Limits”

Michael Campbell grew up in the small town of Edmonson, Arkansas, at a very young age he knew the importance of family and keeping God as the foundation of everything. He had a mother and a father who loved him dearly, and where hard workers living in the south. Yet with all this love around him, as a child you still are very vulnerable to situations that happen to you, environmental and emotional ones at that, which lead to childhood trauma. One hot summer Michael took a visit to his grandmother’s house. There, he usually enjoyed it, yet this time, the situation was different. Michael was greeted by his cousins at the front door. He explained how they were very “picky,” individuals or children who would taunt you, until you could not understand yourself fully. Since Michael was only six years old, this put a halt on his mental growth. Michael was dropped off by his parents due to them taking a trip up North. “They told me they were never coming back to get me,” said Michael,” but I just knew they were coming back, I even sat on the porch for long periods of times waiting for them to arrive.” Michael explained that he faced the whole summer, of his cousins explaining to him how his mother did not want him anymore, and that he will be there with them for good. Little Michael fought with his cousins that whole time, trying to keep his dignity as he was battling with possibly never seeing his parents again. This not only made Michael feel unloved, yet betrayed. “That changed my whole mind frame,” he said, “I never thought something like that would effect me until I became an adult, but after a while I knew God’s grace had no limits.”

Saving A Crying Soul

Not having an outlet due to his emotional abuse, Michael started to find different ways to cope with what he thought of himself, as no good, and not fit to be in a society that a black man had it tougher than the regular human being themselves. After a while he began to experiment with mental pleasures. Therefore, Michael turned his life not only to the streets, but invested into another friend. This object was much more popular in his time than it is now, and it was introduced to him fairly easy. “One day he asked me did I want to try some, and I did.” He explained how the easy fixed gave him exactly what he needed, the drug would absorb into him, and help take all the mental pains away. From his time of investing in this Michael said it felt good. Yet, he soon started to realized, that small “good” feeling, created a ton of bad happenings for him, and his family. His soul began to cry, he had seen many dark nights, even while extremely high off the drugs, yet could not stop, Michael became addicted to crack cocaine.

Searching For Love In The Wrong Places

The drugs took a hold of him indeed. He enjoyed the fact that it made him forget everything, yet it did not remind him on who and what to look for, his family, his friends, and God. To be addicted to an emotional fix could be devastating, because you have the fear of going back to the emotional trauma as well as mindset you had before. Michael enjoyed the drugs, they were a void filler for his emotional traumas, and did not make him feel lonely, so he became highly addicted to the experience of recreational addictions. Day after day, Michael continued to use drugs to keep himself comfortable. Yet after a while the situation for Michael took a drastic turn, after all the darkness, and lonely nights he felt, he experienced the realness of the drug, the actual reality of taking them. Thoughts may have gotten too overwhelming for him that particular night, for Michael enjoyed one dose..too many. Michael sat and fulfilled his pleasures one last time, before he blanked out and could not control his body himself, he began overdosing right before his eyes. “Everything just went black,” he said,” I couldn’t control my body, I was crying…shaking….and very cold….I honestly thought I was going to die.” After listening to Michael explain how overdosing felt, and what he seen, as well as felt mentally, while taking the drugs, my heart began to weaken. His story helps us understand how the emotional trauma of a child could really tamper the individual as an adult. Yet God really had his hand on him, for some people get into the habit of drug usage and never make it out, this truly was a story of trail and error, yet what we also found out is, he was looking for love in all the wrong places. “I knew I had to stop for my family and my kids,” he said,” I honestly truly love them.” This proved that love conquers all. Michael eventually found out the true meaning of family, and love was there all along.

Proverbs 24:16

“For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again

“For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again

Michael started investing more into his children, but most importantly he turned his life back to God. The Lord replenished him, then Michael started to follow his purpose and dreams. Before this, he reminded me of who was there for him and never left his side through this process, his wife. “Meeting her showed me a love I have never had,” he said, “ I just could not believe through all of that she stuck by my side, I knew her sending to me was God himself.” Michael showed much gratitude when speaking of God and his wife. He even expresses how he became a pastor which was a greater and higher calling on his name. Michael as well became an entrepreneur, investing in his own detailing company and working hard in Memphis factories which brings in him a great amount of money. From listening to him, his trails and tribulations were heard, and his prayers were answered. Michael believed that sometimes, God gives his hardest battles to the strongest individuals and it was meant to go through these processes to help others, so he did. He released a very inspirational book called “From The Pipe To The Pew,” which expresses his story more in debt, while writing what he faced throughout his life time all in the book. The book will be education to a lot of drug addicts who are facing a life long sentence of torture and abuse to themselves, hoping to get them to open their eyes to what is really happening and turn their lives back to God, Michael Campbell’s story is truly an inspiration. But….that is not it, he is also a movie star. This man indeed has done a full 360, and his life encourages people that it is never over, and never to give up…even for me.

Jed Girls

There is a new movie on the block, and our 56 year old star is in it, “Jed Girls.” This movie, expresses the seriousness of what is really going on in the city streets. Michael was the perfect pick for the production due to his life long experiences, and he could make the movie seem more real. “I was so excited when I got the call,” he said,” it was such a wonderful experience.” The character that the young and adventurous man will be playing is a very known pimp, who has multiple female aquatints whom he is over. Even though Michael was not a pimp, he was indeed exposed to the demeanor of these men, while growing up in his city. So therefore, playing the role would not subtract from him at all. The movie is scheduled to air soon, dropping first in Philadelphia then airing all the way down to the south in all theaters. Michael will be a 56 year old pastor, author and movie star, this indeed is a dream come true, and it is all happening right here, in the big beautiful city of Memphis.

Not only is Michael an inspiration to us, yet his children. As God said to Abraham to obey him, as well as follow him, and his generations will be blessed, Michael has done the same. His children are very successful individuals, beating the odds and becoming what their wildest dreams could imagine in life, this man has breed college and high school graduates, successful entrepreneurs, men as well as women of God and celebrity trainers. His children speak highly of him, and say that he is the best father that they have ever had. Michael Campbell Sr., is truly the epitome of overcoming drastic obstacles, and turning your life completely back to God.

To read the article on Michael Campbell’s son Michael Campbell II click here.

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Pyramid Scheme or Circle of Death, Social Media Followers Lose Hundreds Hoping to Gain $800

A Game You Could Never Get Out Of

The pyramid scheme has risen again since the #COVID-19 has come into play. Thousands of young individuals have entered this game, not knowing that it is fairly illegal. Especially in the United States. The game is very easy to play, convincing vulnerable people that they will receive fast money, if they put forth money first. Young business owners have decided to use this scheme hoping they could possibly invest more into their businesses. Yet eventually, the hopes of receiving the $800 became a nightmare. The game is one you cannot get out of, one day you have been convinced to enter, you now have to work hard to convince others to put forth money as well, developing you into a part of the “scheme” and you don’t know it.

An excerpt from google, explains the illegal values of the “scheme”

How Its Played

A “pyramid scheme” board made by money developing individuals

The game is simple, at least the person in the middle says this all over social media, one person starts the board, and convinces 8 others to invest $100 into them, then they are moved out of the board. The next person is up, and the rest of the group has to keep convincing others to invest in the game, if the game continues, others hope to hit the center to get their money, but if someone bags out, you are eventually left with nothing, either way, someone or everyone has to lose, except, the person who started the game of course.

Multiple social media followers have reached out explain how they have been scammed out of there money, prior to being asked do they want to make an “Investment.” People have reached out to one another as they have found out that the money they have put in is not being returned to them, originators of the board game are deleting their Facebook accounts and blocking gamers from their social media.

If you have done your research, the scheme is illegal in multiple countries, including Canada, which has a major lawsuit filed against them in 2008, resulting in a class act lawsuit against the incorporation. The lawsuit resulted in multiple payees receiving their “investments” back and other doing a great deal of jail time. Then continues to another lawsuit, that was worth 6.5 million dollars, while a inventor used the scheme for a “vacation package” investment. To read more on this article click here. Let’s not forget how the scheme was also developed in New York, that was an article developed recently in 2018, the Bernie Madoff scandal to be exact. The article made the New York Times as Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for scamming “investors,” with this scheme.

“Judge Denny Chin condemned his crimes as “extraordinarily evil” and imposed a sentence that was three times as long as the federal probation office suggested and more than 10 times as long as defense lawyers had requested.”

-New York Times

To read more on this article click here.

Our Advice To Angry Individuals

Conversations with Evonne is urging individuals to do their research before entering this game. You do not know who you are playing with. Do not give your money or cash app information to anyone whom you don’t trust, don’t know and is apart of this scheme. $100 willl make you feel more miserable than sorry. I am Kahdejah Evonne, and this is Conversations with Evonne, and I thank you for tuning in, be safe and God Bless you.

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Kahdejah Evonne (Conversations with Evonne) to Release Chic, Street Fashion Collection in May. ELEGANT EGO

“I’ve always had a thing for fashion, now it’s time to step it up”

“Elegant Ego”

“I’ve always had a thing for fashion,” she said, “now it’s time to step it up”. Kahdejah Evonne, who is a young entrepreneur has reached back into another one of her passions, fashion. Just at the age of 10, Kahdejah established a thing for sewing, for her mother bought her her first sewing machine. “My mother was a sewing queen, she could literally make ANYTHING, including prom dresses.” Indeed, this is where she got it from. Yet Kahdejah didn’t quite pick up on the sewing as quickly as her mother did, yet the styling and a passion for arts, from her standpoint, fashion is art, the body is a canvas. Evonne even modeled for 3 years in the city of Memphis, taking it seriously, while making a name for herself with her fashion photos, at 18 she received shots from multiple Memphis photographers and walked numerous runways, standing 6’0 tall.

“Kahdejah Evonne at age 18, posing for a photo on the famous Beale Street”

From her artsy talents, to her tall figure, Kahdejah has never lost her passion for her inner focus, making the body like a project of home decor, you put together many patterns and solids, then you have a master piece. That is true indeed, Kahdejah feels that the way you dress is your first impression, and she has decided to leave an everlasting mark on everyone she has come in contact with. If it’s either with her outfit, or her elegant smile or maybe even her hats, stunning outfits, fashion and swag is one her missions.

The Name

So what made her call the clothing collection “Elegant Ego?” For years people have put forth that, an Ego is potentially a bad cause, when it’s not. But she wanted a different approach, we all know your ego is what defines you, from when you are a kid, until when you become an adult. The Ego has never been bad, it’s what defines the person, it’s all about the adjective you put in front of it, Kahdejah chose elegance. “My ego is elegant,” she said, “graceful, stylish simple and unique, I don’t want too much, I don’t ask for much, and I don’t do too much, I just stand there and chill it out, yet when I speak, I’m going to make sure you hear me first from what I wear, I really don’t have to say a word when you see me from across the room, that’s a good quote for business personnel,” said Evonne.

If you look at the definition, as well as from a psychological standpoint, why would any human want to kill someone’s ego, it’s potentially killing their self-esteem,” she said, “this time we don’t play by the rules, we’re keeping our egos on the table , and we’re going to do it elegantly.” Now that is swag…she said she plans to do this through her clothing, not just for herself, but everyone around her.

“There is a lot of things out there we don’t like, but it’s nothing to look good, if you look good, everybody will respect before you even speak.”

-Kahdejah Evonne Stevens on Elegant Ego

Elegant Ego is preparing to release in May, check out its latest fashion the dopest collection of modern day signature fedora hats.

To see more about upcoming fashions for Elegant Ego click here
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Jazmine Tricoche Owner of Dream Life Branding Company, From 30k A Year To 100k And Working Her Own Business

“Be About Your Business”

Building Your Brand With Dream Life

Branding is initially important when it comes to any business, small as well as large. Branding companies have been in business for years, helping develop other companies to successfully release their product into the community. With that being said, Memphis is one of the places where branding is important, as well marketing to reach an audience like no other. “Memphis is the place to be,” said Jazmine, who is a 6-figure business owner of Dream Life, a branding company that is located in the glorious city of Memphis,TN. “Honestly, when I lived in Atlanta, I didn’t receive as much support as I did from moving to Memphis.” Jazmine is initially from Alabama, yet her story of building her brand will inspire you wholeheartedly. From talking to Jazmine, her story was a series of “falling down and getting back up”,while building herself before you could do anything else, then you could “be about your business,” so she says.

The Come Up, Living A “Dream Life”

To be exact, Dream Life branding company is not only a company that consist of branding, yet developing personnel to become the greatest assets to themselves and those around them. Jazmine, has lived a life of trail and error, while looking to fulfill her dreams to become one of the most established boss chicks on the block. Yet, like it is always said, you have to take a loss to become boss. She did this for sure, not just with money, yet with herself. As a boss chick, she was quite frankly open to discuss everything she encountered to get to where she is today, and now she says, “she’s living her wildest dreams.” But to get to this point, you may will see a few nightmares. Just at the age of 21, the 6-figure business owner OWNED a 2-story house in Atlanta as well as drove a Mercedes Benz. “It wasn’t all about that,” she said, “people will look at you and think you have it all together but I didn’t.” Jaszmine’s story was touching on the emotional part of getting to the “Dream Life,” that was in fact being in relationships with those who were not fit to where she was going, as well as working jobs that were only for the moment. With her honesty, she explained how she once engaged in exotic dancing at night clubs, which made her a ton of money, yet honestly, that was not the life the young entrepreneur wanted to live. That was before, she even knew she would own her own company.

Beautiful Nightmares

The city of Atlanta is one of the hottest and fastest moving areas in the south. Entrepreneurs and entertainers from all over travel to live in the peach state based off what other multimillionaires have expressed with their successes. The city is some what established, and allow those looking to grow develop opportunities of a life time, and believe it or not while there, one day you will be your regular hardworking self, the next, you will be a millionaire. This is the “beautiful dream,” Jazmine once had, after moving away from Alabama, with her loving and caring mother. Indeed, Jazmine wanted more, so Atlanta of course, was her first stop. She started her dreams in the big city instantly. The young woman lived in Atlanta for 9 years before deciding to move to Memphis,TN. There, she also worked in retail management at Journeys, running stores for the company before she decided to run her own. With hectic job days, Jazmine felt she did not have any peace, not at work, neither at home or her relationships. She was already away from her mother, who was dealing with a sickness, and terribly, she was involved in a domestically violent and emotionally abusive relationship. Jazmine, suffered from this tournament for multiple years. “It was hard,” she said, “around this this time I had nothing.” Jazmine expressed how she finally left the relationship after so many years, while watching a half of million dollar house leave her, as well as her luxury cars and expensive life. Yet she did not regret this, she just wanted to get away from the beautiful nightmare she was living, for a few moments, Jazmine remained completely homeless, with no way to get back to her mother. Yet the young entrepreneur did not stop looking to God, not matter her struggles.

The “Absolute” Dream Life God’s Promise

“Be About Your Business”

Jazmine admitted that Atlanta was a beautiful city, and with her dancing as well as leaving that life to become a General Manager at Journeys, she made GOOD MONEY. Yet she also explained the worst part of it all, the cost of living. She explained how living in the place was overly expensive and it took a lot of money to “remain relevant,” that was even with her own business, which she decided to start when she finally woke up from her beautiful nightmare. After seeing herself loose thousands of dollars, Jazmine finally invested herself into real entrepreneurship. She started selling jewelry. With that, and her being the beautiful person she is, people started to support her. Everyday costumers who came into the store believed in Jazmine, and also started to purchase more of her products, even her own employees. If Jazmine didn’t believe in anything else she believed in being a great person and charisma was a great marketing tool. “I started to see people really supported what I did, I thought wow, ok I really can do this I’m also making some extra money,” said Jazmine. Yet she still was hesitant, after years of dealing with a relationship that ruined her confidence and seeing everything go down the drain, Jazmine decided not to move forward with her business, until one day, she was unexpectedly fired from her general manager position at Journeys. This was God encouraging her to “move,” and that is all she needed.

Now with no job, and just a plan she had no choice but to lean further into entrepreneurship. She kept selling her merchandise and even developed her a website, the business was developed and Jazmine named it “Dream Treasurez.” Originally, the business was soft branding, styling individuals with her brand clothing and selling them her jewelry. The brand developed well, but Jazmine just knew in her heart she wanted more, and that was only God giving her all of her desires. Jazmine maxed out at 30K a year while working Dream Treasurez, but she knew there was something out there for her different, and it was the “Dream Life.” That was within God’s will and promise for her life, Jazmine packed her bags and moved to Memphis.

The Dream Life Is In Memphis

Upon moving to Memphis, things were very slow for her, business was fine but it was not picking up as much as it should while making it to a different city. “Memphis, was ok,” she said,”but I liked it, it was slower than Atlanta and everyone there was not doing the same exact thing, it was so beautiful in Memphis, here I knew my business could grow.” And it did! Jazmine, with her outgoing and lovely personality started networking, which is a very important thing when it comes to business in any big city. She explained how in Atlanta you had to spend so much money to keep up with the flow. How you had to spend entirely too much just to stay relevant, she began to become tired of it, but in Memphis, she could pick up the slack and develop her business just the way she wanted it. Jazmine is smart, there aren’t a lot of branding companies in Memphis that does it like her. She began her branding company with only $500, ordering boxes, shirts and other tools to help others establish their businesses. Since she had a heart and love for people she felt she was in the right career, all the way to the point to where she no longer had to work her job, Jazmine went from making 30K to 100 thousand dollars a year, while working her own business. “It was a dream come true,” she said,” never did I think I would touch 100K just by running my business alone, God had really sent me a blessing and the blessings just keep coming.” And they did, she began working with top companies in Memphis including the Tri-State Defender and L3 Media, not to mention all the work she has done for other six figure entrepreneurs in the city. Memphis started to become more like home for her, Memphis became the ultimate dream life, and here she found her husband. What’s more beautiful, than establishing a very know business, and finding the love of your life, God has truly blessed her and she continues to put him first as well as to wanting to do that for others, which is a major part and the foundation of her business. Jazmine on the other hand, loves her dreamers.

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Kahdejah Evonne (Conversations with Evonne) To Send 5,000 Copies Of Motivational Art Piece to Hospitals Around The Nation Suffering From COVID-19

“We Will Rise No Mater The Day….”

“The Frontliners, Move Mountains”

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit numerous hospitals around the world and America. Kahdejah Evonne, who owns “Painting In The City,” her inspirational urban art platform has created a piece of strength as well as unity, showing a picture of doctors, paramedics and nurses standing strong, while their tears resemble strength. 5,000 poster copies of the piece will be printed and shipped to hospitals, the piece already has gotten some news recognition also, and will be printed off as well as sent to hospitals around the nation starting with her hometown ,Memphis. To donate to a good cause visit @paintinginthecity__ on Instagram and Facebook.

To watch the 3 minute heartfelt video in regards to the “realness” of what’s going on in the hospitals and COVID-19 click here

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Conversations with Evonne Releases Dope Monthly News Letter

“A more, professional way of applying news and pressure,” said Kahdejah Evonne

Applying The Pressure

With so much going on in one day, Kahdejah Evonne has made it easier, for you to see what she is doing, and what is going on in Memphis for the city’s top business owners and productions. Kahdejah Evonne has released an April issue of her monthly news letter, the newsletter will release on the 15th of every month, which will contain information on upcoming books, fashion, blogs and more! You could view this monthly news letter on her Instagram page @conversationswithevonne, her website, Facebook and many more social media platfoms! Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoy the read and as always BE BLESSED!

Sincerely and best regards,


“The best way to live life is through hope,faith and joy, then comes the money, lol…”

-Kahdejah Evonne Stevens

Instagram: @conversationswithevonne___ Facebook: @Kahdejah Evonne Stevens @conversationswithevonne